Nick Moores

David helped me over a period of 6 months to consider how to approach various challenges in my career. Using his experience he helped me to clearly articulate these challenges, justifications for my actions and work through solutions that would work for me. Together we set clear personal goals and identified small deliberate changes that have helped me over the following year. His non-judgemental, natural, and warm style not only ensured I was comfortable as required for the honesty required in our discussions but actually made our sessions an enjoyable experience.

Underwriting Manager, UK & Europe

I first met David when moving into a new role leading an international team. David has experience leading internationally and has helped me sort through my priorities and thinking to develop a clear action plan to improve performance and foster a greater sense of team over multiple regions.  From a personal perspective David has helped my identify and improve stakeholder management within my organisation and pushed me to think much more deeply around my own career path.

Will St John

David was a great help to me in honing in on a clear pathway to develop my business and pursuing other personal development goals. His strategic and analytic mindset was immensely helpful during our sessions to both focus the discussion and to bounce ideas off. I found our regular sessions also to be especially helpful in creating an actionable framework around the process of achieving those goals. I can’t recommend David enough for his thorough and rigorously analytic approach for anyone seeking professional or business clarity and actionable direction.

Insurance General Counsel

David has an incredibly empathetic, engaging and open manner with an air of confidence which instantly made me feel at ease. It felt like he understood what I was saying and could immediately put my thought processes into context and reality. This enabled us to work well and effectively together so I quickly managed to articulate what I needed from the sessions and set my objectives accordingly. He was attentive and interested, asking pertinent and directional questions at the appropriate juncture.

Once the objectives were clearly defined, David guided me to identifying what the obstacles were to my success. With David’s wise and calm manner I could explain my frustrations and thought processes easily so that I was able to clearly analyse my situation before working on a plan of action.

David was good at challenging my current method of working/interaction within the workplace and setting “homework” for me to take away and think about. For example, I had a work conference in…  that was an excellent opportunity for me to raise my profile with the objective of increasing my chances of promotion within the organisation. David tasked me with identifying who I should make an effort to talk to and what type of questions I should be asking of them as part of that process. It was useful and insightful to have gone through that process so I could make the most of the occasion. As it happened, the … conference was a huge personal success for me; having had these sessions, I had new found confidence, direction and purpose and managed to have a notable impact at the conference.

On so many levels David has helped me to identify and address a variety of issues I had in the workplace. This has been invaluable and insightful therefore providing me with new found confidence and direction.

From day one, David has been non-judgmental, measured, focused, supportive and totally engaging. I have thoroughly enjoyed and valued our time together. I can imagine I could be quite challenging to coach but David has never appeared phased.

I really appreciate what he has done for me and I hope we can continue to work together as and when needed.

Duncan Sproul

I have been working with David to provide coaching in my position running an academic research genetics lab. David’s clear insight and experience of a completely different sector have been invaluable in cutting through the day-to-day detail of my job to help me identify and focus on my overall career priorities. My discussions with him have also helped me understand how I can balance my demanding job with the rest of my life. I cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone looking for a coach.

Duncan Fraser

I would have no hesitation in recommending David as a leadership and business coach. I started working with David to help improve my leadership and management of my team. Since then he has helped me enormously steer through some very difficult and testing challenges which have cleared the way for the continued growth of my business. David’s combination of really listening, understanding and experience is a very powerful offering.

Matt Grover

David has over the past 6 months or so been providing me with business coaching. This has been with particular focus on preparing and presenting at board meetings. He has been a huge help in these and other areas. I would have no hesitation in recommending David.

Stephen Britt

I cannot speak highly enough of David and how much he has helped me. Whist being highly professional, informal and relaxed he challenges his clients to reflect deeply on their values, priorities and goals.  This process enables his clients to begin to take the right steps to maximise their personal and professional development and business opportunities. 

I sought David’s advice when I had reached one of life’s major cross roads and had no clear path in sight.  The professional life that had been so good to me for over 30 years had ceased to be sustainable, and without major changes my health and well-being, and that of those closest to me, were in danger of irreparable damage.  David’s wise counsel and guidance gave me often unexpected insights into what motivates me, my strengths and weaknesses, and the possibilities that these presented for the next stages in life.  The very best mentors do not purport to provide neat answers, and David did not presume to tell me ‘what next?”; more importantly, he asked insightful questions that required me to dig deeply into experiences and personal values to create my own solutions and to begin to believe they are possible.

Ade Taiwo

He helped me to appreciate my strengths, which was reassuring, and gave me the platform and confidence to look forward. At times it was not easy as David was not afraid to challenge me and ask some very difficult questions. In summary David’s coaching has been fantastic and has transformed the way I work especially on the communication piece. I am very grateful for all his help and continuous support. I would recommend his service to all.

CEO of Travel Company

David has a unique and natural way of honing in on key important themes and then tying it down to practical actions after thoughtful discussions. Again, he doesn’t try to solve your problems. More so, David arms you with the tools and mindset to efficiently problem-solve whilst recognising your own limitations. David understood me and my strong desire to help everyone, sometimes at the detriment of helping myself. He is highly empathetic but not afraid to ask very difficult and challenging questions. His life cycle approach gave me the perspective to focus on the roots of the issues. We still have more work to do, but I possess a humble confidence that our coaching sessions enable me effectively deal with whatever comes my way.