Stephen Britt

I cannot speak highly enough of David and how much he has helped me. Whist being highly professional, informal and relaxed he challenges his clients to reflect deeply on their values, priorities and goals.  This process enables his clients to begin to take the right steps to maximise their personal and professional development and business opportunities. 

I sought David’s advice when I had reached one of life’s major cross roads and had no clear path in sight.  The professional life that had been so good to me for over 30 years had ceased to be sustainable, and without major changes my health and well-being, and that of those closest to me, were in danger of irreparable damage.  David’s wise counsel and guidance gave me often unexpected insights into what motivates me, my strengths and weaknesses, and the possibilities that these presented for the next stages in life.  The very best mentors do not purport to provide neat answers, and David did not presume to tell me ‘what next?”; more importantly, he asked insightful questions that required me to dig deeply into experiences and personal values to create my own solutions and to begin to believe they are possible.