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I founded Edlin Consulting to help managers of all levels maintain success and enhance their business and their career – by providing the support and challenge that enables them to stay at the top of their game and adapt to new opportunities and challenges.

– David Webster, Edlin Consulting.

Even the most talented and successful business people sometimes need help and support to help them perform at their best. Coaching can help professionals at all levels to work through challenges and to navigate change.  

I founded Edlin Consulting in 2018 after a successful 35 year career as a lawyer and businessman, having retrained as a business & leadership coach. I specialise in helping clients with career progression and performance in the insurance and legal sectors, and in working with entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders across multiple sectors.  

The combination of my methodology with an empathetic approach allow me to quickly build high levels of trust and understanding. I aim for a healthy balance of challenge, support, humour and honesty, and pride myself on being insightful and pragmatic. 

Sharpen Performance

Clarify Direction

Embrace Change

Career Progression & Performance

Developing individuals and helping them excel in their career has always been a passion of mine. I now specialise in helping clients with their career progression and performance. I work with my clients to maximise their talent to navigate their way through change to deliver commercial results, build strong teams and develop an energised client / customer facing culture.

Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

I greatly enjoy working with entrepreneurs, managers and leaders at all levels in companies of all shapes and sizes from the start up to the large international. Whether you are at the early stages of building your business or with many years under your belt, I will help you deal with any issue that is holding you back or slowing you down.


I have structured my business so that I can spend 25% of my time helping organisations whose resources are better spent on the communities they serve. I also coach young people who are at the early stages of their careers and need help on their next steps.

About David

I am driven by the desire to help people in whatever way I can. My professional skill set is unusual – a lawyer by training but a businessman first – armed with strong commercial and strategic instincts.

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