Insurance General Counsel

David has an incredibly empathetic, engaging and open manner with an air of confidence which instantly made me feel at ease. It felt like he understood what I was saying and could immediately put my thought processes into context and reality. This enabled us to work well and effectively together so I quickly managed to articulate what I needed from the sessions and set my objectives accordingly. He was attentive and interested, asking pertinent and directional questions at the appropriate juncture.

Once the objectives were clearly defined, David guided me to identifying what the obstacles were to my success. With David’s wise and calm manner I could explain my frustrations and thought processes easily so that I was able to clearly analyse my situation before working on a plan of action.

David was good at challenging my current method of working/interaction within the workplace and setting “homework” for me to take away and think about. For example, I had a work conference in…  that was an excellent opportunity for me to raise my profile with the objective of increasing my chances of promotion within the organisation. David tasked me with identifying who I should make an effort to talk to and what type of questions I should be asking of them as part of that process. It was useful and insightful to have gone through that process so I could make the most of the occasion. As it happened, the … conference was a huge personal success for me; having had these sessions, I had new found confidence, direction and purpose and managed to have a notable impact at the conference.

On so many levels David has helped me to identify and address a variety of issues I had in the workplace. This has been invaluable and insightful therefore providing me with new found confidence and direction.

From day one, David has been non-judgmental, measured, focused, supportive and totally engaging. I have thoroughly enjoyed and valued our time together. I can imagine I could be quite challenging to coach but David has never appeared phased.

I really appreciate what he has done for me and I hope we can continue to work together as and when needed.

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