Phil Tansley

Your actions as client relationship partner at RPC have been hugely beneficial to the relationship between your firm and our business. All too often law firms do not have client relationship partners or, if they do, the title is a misnomer. You, on the other hand, have put significant time and effort into understanding our business and our requirements from a legal risk management perspective and attempting at all times to mobilise your colleagues to provide that service. Your responses are timely and on point.

I have known David since he joined RPC in [2009]. During that time he has shown considerable insight and acumen in the softer skills required for progressing in a law firm. In particular, he excels in seeing the bigger picture and focusing on longer term and strategic objectives, beyond the demands of day to day legal practice.

He has excelled in building, maintain and managing an extensive client network and developing those skills in both junior and senior fee earners who do not find that is a skill which comes naturally.

He has also demonstrated considerable management ability, combining charm with a lightness of touch, which is both effective and refreshing. In particular, he is able to offer a different perspective by seeing beyond internal processes and structures and helping people focus on the issues which are really important from a personal and professional development perspective.

I have no doubt that his insights and support will be of considerable help to lawyers of all level looking to up their game.

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