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Every leader I’ve ever known has attributed part of their success to some form of coaching and mentorship. Why? Simply put, the more successful you become in your professional career, the less honest and actionable feedback you receive. The unending pressure to achieve results and excellence becomes a heavier burden to bear, without proper external support that you can rely on. I moved to the United Kingdom several years ago to take on much bigger role with extensive responsibilities. Over time, I realised the importance of finding an executive coach that could help me embrace my weaknesses and filter through constructive feedback. This applies not only to the professional environment, but also to the personal one as well.

I recommend David because I’ve experienced the powerful effect his coaching has had on me. Anyone that wants to truly go deeper in themselves and develop positive synergies between personal, family and life, should at least consider an initial consultation with David. Having had other executive coaches in the past, David’s coaching style fit with me, and honestly that is a big part of what allows the coaching sessions to be effective. David has a unique and natural way of honing in on key important themes and then tying it down to practical actions after thoughtful discussions. Again, he doesn’t try to solve your problems. Moreso, David arms you with the tools and mindset to efficiently problem-solve whilst recognising your own limitations.

I first came into contact with David through my professional network (senior officer of our firm made the initial intro). At the time, I was looking for coaching for one of my direct reports who was having difficulty in being a good communicator internally and with clients. Fast forward couple of months later, I had colleagues from other departments and business units who noticed a consistent and meaningful change. Based on the transformative results David achieved and the methodology, gave me the confidence and comfort to expand his coaching with me.

The key areas we focused our coaching sessions (both in-person and via phone) were on time management and prioritisation. David understood me and my strong desire to help everyone, sometimes at the detriment of helping myself. He is highly empathetic but not afraid to ask very difficult and challenging questions. His life cycle approach gave me the perspective to focus on the roots of the issues. We still have more work to do, but I possess a humble confidence that our coaching sessions enable me effectively deal with whatever comes my way.

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