Jonathan Watmough

I would not hesitate to recommend David as an Executive Coach. What attracted me to David is he is a businessman first and foremost, which is highly unusual at the top end of the legal world and this is why he was a standout for so many years at Eversheds and then at RPC. And so, unlike most lawyers, he understands and is interested in people and what makes them tick, and knows that business is all about finding, nurturing and building talent and relationships for the long term. And he has the self-confidence to promote others at his own expense. Crucially, he also understands how the City works and above all how large and complex commercial organisations work, and how to navigate them.

This makes him an exceptional developer and promoter of both people and client relationships. This is not only rare but is his sweet spot, and so it doesn’t surprise me at all that he is now focusing on coaching full time, and I have no doubt that he will add enormous value to his coaching clients. He has been there and done it for many years at a high level already, having successfully coached or mentored many partners and partners-to-be.

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