Bill McGowan

Your actions as client relationship partner at RPC have been hugely beneficial to the relationship between your firm and our business. All too often law firms do not have client relationship partners or, if they do, the title is a misnomer. You, on the other hand, have put significant time and effort into understanding our business and our requirements from a legal risk management perspective and attempting at all times to mobilise your colleagues to provide that service. Your responses are timely and on point.

In addition, you led your team’s presentation in relation to our review of external law firm services. Your firm was by far the best prepared and had clearly listened to what we require. On the basis that you took a proactive lead …in coming in to talk to me about what it was we required and how we would like to be presented to, you clearly went above and beyond how other law firms deal with this type of event and the results were very clear at the presentation. You were sensible, pragmatic and honest and again this set you apart from other law firms. You aligned your resources to our requirements very well and, at the end of the meeting, took responsibility for further actions. All in all, you have made a significant difference to the relationship between our respective organisations.

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