I would not hesitate to recommend David as an Executive Coach. What attracted me to David is he is a businessman first and foremost, which is highly unusual at the top end of the legal world and this is why he was a standout for so many years at Eversheds and then at RPC. And so, unlike most lawyers, he understands and is interested in people and what makes them tick, and knows that business is all about finding, nurturing and building talent and relationships for the long term. And he has the self-confidence to promote others at his own expense. Crucially, he also understands how the City works and above all how large and complex commercial organisations work, and how to navigate them.

This makes him an exceptional developer and promoter of both people and client relationships. This is not only rare but is his sweet spot, and so it doesn’t surprise me at all that he is now focusing on coaching full time, and I have no doubt that he will add enormous value to his coaching clients. He has been there and done it for many years at a high level already, having successfully coached or mentored many partners and partners-to-be.


My sessions with David have been hugely valued and much needed, sometimes all it takes is a qualified listener who understands and asks all the right questions to reinvigorate that initial burning desire I had when packing for Brazil three years ago. I have often (naturally) felt burnt out at the end of my tether but after sessions with David, it is almost like hitting the reset button, a chance to hash everything out, put it all on the table, see how far you have come and ultimately appreciate and value the journey. This coupled with mapping out the future through realising necessary next steps and prioritising what’s truly important. It is all in there, sometimes one just needs help surfacing it. I am hugely grateful for David, and all he has done and all he is doing.


Every leader I’ve ever known has attributed part of their success to some form of coaching and mentorship. Why? Simply put, the more successful you become in your professional career, the less honest and actionable feedback you receive. The unending pressure to achieve results and excellence becomes a heavier burden to bear, without proper external support that you can rely on. I moved to the United Kingdom several years ago to take on much bigger role with extensive responsibilities. Over time, I realised the importance of finding an executive coach that could help me embrace my weaknesses and filter through constructive feedback. This applies not only to the professional environment, but also to the personal one as well.

I recommend David because I’ve experienced the powerful effect his coaching has had on me. Anyone that wants to truly go deeper in themselves and develop positive synergies between personal, family and life, should at least consider an initial consultation with David. Having had other executive coaches in the past, David’s coaching style fit with me, and honestly that is a big part of what allows the coaching sessions to be effective. David has a unique and natural way of honing in on key important themes and then tying it down to practical actions after thoughtful discussions. Again, he doesn’t try to solve your problems. Moreso, David arms you with the tools and mindset to efficiently problem-solve whilst recognising your own limitations.

I first came into contact with David through my professional network (senior officer of our firm made the initial intro). At the time, I was looking for coaching for one of my direct reports who was having difficulty in being a good communicator internally and with clients. Fast forward couple of months later, I had colleagues from other departments and business units who noticed a consistent and meaningful change. Based on the transformative results David achieved and the methodology, gave me the confidence and comfort to expand his coaching with me.

The key areas we focused our coaching sessions (both in-person and via phone) were on time management and prioritisation. David understood me and my strong desire to help everyone, sometimes at the detriment of helping myself. He is highly empathetic but not afraid to ask very difficult and challenging questions. His life cycle approach gave me the perspective to focus on the roots of the issues. We still have more work to do, but I possess a humble confidence that our coaching sessions enable me effectively deal with whatever comes my way.


Your actions as client relationship partner at RPC have been hugely beneficial to the relationship between your firm and our business. All too often law firms do not have client relationship partners or, if they do, the title is a misnomer. You, on the other hand, have put significant time and effort into understanding our business and our requirements from a legal risk management perspective and attempting at all times to mobilise your colleagues to provide that service. Your responses are timely and on point.

I have known David since he joined RPC in [2009]. During that time he has shown considerable insight and acumen in the softer skills required for progressing in a law firm. In particular, he excels in seeing the bigger picture and focusing on longer term and strategic objectives, beyond the demands of day to day legal practice.

He has excelled in building, maintain and managing an extensive client network and developing those skills in both junior and senior fee earners who do not find that is a skill which comes naturally.

He has also demonstrated considerable management ability, combining charm with a lightness of touch, which is both effective and refreshing. In particular, he is able to offer a different perspective by seeing beyond internal processes and structures and helping people focus on the issues which are really important from a personal and professional development perspective.

I have no doubt that his insights and support will be of considerable help to lawyers of all level looking to up their game.


David is a great listener. That, combined with his business experience and personable can do approach, means he has a lot to offer as a coach. Certainly I have personally benefited from David’s guidance and support on various projects and learned a lot in the process.


Once I joined RPC, David was a mentor throughout. David then helped me through the partnership promotion process. Particularly in the early stages of partnership, I had a number of concerns about client management. He has always been able to cut through to the heart of the matter with empathy and then to help in creating an active strategy, including decisive action where appropriate. On top of all of this, David is extremely engaging and always interested, so that receiving coaching and advice from him is not just of great help but also a pleasure.

David’s leadership has been understanding, patient but also direct. It is an effective style to learn from. When building my own team and moving into management myself, David has mentored me towards patience and positivity, while also not shying from difficult decisions and actions. He has an excellent strategic sense. He is able to see how teams fit together as well as the detail of what makes individuals fire at their best. He is also able to coach this ability through listening skills and building a quick sense of what is important in a team situation.

David’s mentorship on client management has been extremely valuable. His main lesson is in understanding what client’s concerns really are. This is through experience, active listening, sound judgment and also kindness. When helping to formulate the strategy that follows, David coaches an approach which is appropriate, delicate, but also bold. David sells by example. His approach is in reading what people need and then making sure that what is being sold actually meets those needs properly. This is hard to do in practice and David is an expert at it.


David has always been a natural coach and mentor to those around him. I very much include myself as someone who has benefitted from his insightful candour and encouraging support. I know that many partners, lawyers and clients feel they have been helped significantly by his way of subtly conveying how they might adjust their navigation in certain situations. And I am familiar with some examples where he has really made a material difference to someone’s whole outlook and helped them reconfigure and re-energise their approach. David has a strong mix of personal savvy and thoughtfulness coupled with a reassuring demeanour. But above all it is his interest in others and a desire to see them fulfil themselves and be happy in themselves which shines throughout.